I love the Call of Duty video game franchise. When Modern Warfare 3 came out, I was extremely busy with work and I could hardly play it as I was rarely at home. I decided to make a card or a small to medium sized board game version of Modern Warfare 3 as these are relatively easier to carry around than a video game console. A card game or a board game can easily fit into a backpack.  Besides just making a game, I found myself falling into the realm of fan universes. I found myself taking ownership of an extremely commercial product. I was turning into a producer from a passive consumer just like all the Star Trek fans who made fan films based off the Star Trek franchise. As such, I found myself making Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 my own by building a card/board game based on the game.

While it is no where near the quality of a finished ad, the first video below is a teaser advertising the game and how it works. The other videos are a couple of reactions of the players.