‘By the public, for the public‘.
- Made in collaboration with Jun Sik Kim & Vivian Xu.

We decided to make a crowd sourced movie inspired by the dynamic environment of Union Square, and the amazing imagination in Dr. Seuss’ “if I Ran the Zoo”. We decided to make a crowd sourced movie because:

•Communal knowledge
•We make our new script from the public (we went around interviewing people and asking them what they would want to change in the park for a week), act it out with the public, and record reactions from the public.
•Motto: If everybody works together, we can create something fascinating from a mutual effort.
•Make lots of people participate in doing one thing . 

The Script is as follows:

It’s a pretty good Park,
But the fellow who runs it
Patrols it till dark.

If I ran the Park,
I’d make a few changes.
Here’s where I would start…

The markets and venders and that kind of stuff,
The benches and playground are not quite enough.
Most of these things are in any old park,
Union Square should be different, it should make it’s own mark.

The playground up north is too (damn) small,
It’s just not enough space to fit us all,
Cause who says only kids can be carefree and fun,
Why can’t adults also have fun a ton.

We should take down the walls, take down the gates,
Remove all the boundaries that everyone hates,
Bring in the see saw, bring in the swings,
Give all the adults their new playful wings.

Set up a maze with colors and lines,
No worries here, there will be no fines,
Abandon your dreary suits and ties,
It’s time for you to give a surprise,

Dress as a vampire, dress as a clown,
Wear your clothing upside-down.
In this maze, there’s no destination,
Be happy you’re lost, it’s a great situation.

And for those of you who want to be freakish,
Who feel you don’t fit, and are too geekish,
We’ll have an underground club,
No worries here, you won’t get snubbed,
Here beers are served 24 hours,
And with beer bottles, we can build giant towers.

The gentile will frown, the city will gasp,
Oh, what have you done!?!
You’re grown up, for sakes,
You shouldn’t have fun!!
We’ll pay them no heed,

We’ll block out their talk,
And say what we say,
And walk how we walk.

That’d create quite a spark,
That’s how I would run it,
If I ran the park.