Mars Generation One: Argubot Academy is a tablet game for middle school students that develops the persuasion and reasoning skills that are essential for STEM and 21st century careers. In the game, students learn how to match evidence to claims, what can make an argument valid or invalid, how to recognize arguments and their respective strengths and weaknesses, and the importance of being an informed and responsible citizen in a small community.

While I was not on the game design team that made the game, I helped out with posters, banners, stickers and the sign in flow of the game.

Below are the posters, banners, stickers and the sign in flow of the game.

A poster and banner that I designed using the art from the game as inspiration for the Games for Change conference.

Promotional stickers designed based on the characters or mechanics from the game. A lot of typography is a play on the words while using the right image from the game.

For GlassLab to provide assessment for the players actions within the game, the players need to be signed in to the game. I was given the task of creating of the sign in flow for the game so that students/players could register in app and add or remove classes.

A click through of the sign in flow can be found below or at the following link: