Arenas is a board game inspired by the hunger games series where 3-6 players battle to death in a circular arena divided into sections. The game comes with movement cards, disaster/monster cards, weapon cards, area cards, health and armor pieces, hex grid battle boards, six player pieces, six player markers (the ones used to traverse the main board) and the main circular board. The main board is divided into twelve areas like a clock. The circle is made up of five inner circles, the smallest being where the players start. The next two circles are movable plates and it is on these plates that the players move on.

I wanted to make a board game on movable plates because besides their merits (board games), I do see a few areas that board games have not successfully utilized. Even though board games are games played on specially designed boards, in my experience (with a few exceptions) the boards are extremely static. In the games where the boards are not static, they generally only change before you start the game. They also don't hold their own when they are framed as adaptions from another artistic genre. Then again, most adaptions don't hold their own, as it is extremely hard to adapt the feel of the original to something else.

Check out the video below to see how Arenas is played.